FLEXFORGE is a full-service automotive component manufacturer and distributor specializing in electric vehicles and sensor technology. Our R&D capabilities and expertise in semiconductor manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and computer aided design allow us to take ideas seamlessly from conception to product.

American Made

All of our parts and products are made onshore in America—as opposed to “assembled in America”—which means we are in total control of manufacturing and in total control of quality. To qualify for a ‘Made in USA’ or ‘Made in America’ label, a product must be “all or virtually all” manufactured in America according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Buy American Act requires that a product be manufactured in the U.S. of more than 50 percent U.S. parts to be considered Made in USA for government procurement purposes.

We aim to be your single source solution for the design, development, and distribution of hardware and electronics technology in the automotive space and beyond. From electric vehicle and clean energy technology production to higher manufacturing, our services are versatile, lean, reliable and allow you to innovate.


Onshoring is the process of sourcing a business’ production operations within domestic national borders. Our parts and products are made in the USA, allowing us to avoid supply chain issues, ensure quality, and avoid rising foreign production costs. FLEXFORGE CAN HELP YOU ONSHORE YOUR PRODUCTS.

Supporting domestic manufacturers.

When you buy from a company that manufactures in the USA, you are supporting American workers and contributing to the American economy.

Highest quality.

When a manufacturer builds every part of a product or part, they are able to complete more quality assurance testing. FLEXFORGE has greater control over price, lead times, and the entire supply chain.


FLEXFORGE is constantly asking the question: “How can we do this better?”. Our cross-disciplinary team of engineers, researchers, techs and manufacturers work with clients to help them accomplish their goals and find creative solutions.